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Guitar Care

Maintaining Your Acoustic Guitar.
Whether you have chosen a classical guitar or one of the steel string guitar maintenance is basically the same.

Properly storing you guitar is extremely important in preventing it from being damaged and helping it to look and sound good. Using a hard shell guitar case offers the very best protection for your guitar especially when traveling. However, keeping it in the case when not in use will also help protect it from dust and from handling by others in your home or dorm. When not stored in a hard shelled case your guitar should be kept on a guitar stand to protect it from accidentally being kicked or knocked over.

Avoid Extremes In Temperature And Humidity.
Extreme changes in temperature and relative humidity can dry out the wood on your acoustic guitar and causing cracking which will turn even the best acoustic guitar into little more than kindling. If the humidity is too high your guitar may warp destroying the sound making your guitar sound less than musical. Try to keep your guitar at room temperature or at least between 41 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit (5 to 25 degees Celsius) and try and keep it safe from places where high humidity or extreme dry (under 40) is a problem - best result between 45-55 relative humidity is idiel. However, keep in mind that your guitar needs a certain amount of humidity in order to keep from becoming too dry. If lack of humidity is a problem then a sound hole humidifier may help keep your guitar in great shape.

Keep You Guitar Dust Free.
Dust can be another problem for your acoustic guitar. It can cause scratches and even deaden the sound. You can help keep your guitar dust free by storing it in a proper hard shell case when not in use and by wiping off both the neck and body of your guitar with a soft dry cloth both before and after playing. Getting a polish made specifically for guitars will also help keep your guitar looking great.

Change Your Guitar Strings and Tune Your Guitar.
After some use your guitar strings are going to need to be changed. Guitar strings wear down affecting the clarity and tone of your guitar so keep an extra set of guitar strings on hand and learn how to change the strings and tune your guitar.

Remember that your instrument will typically be just fine, in the same environment as you feel comfortable in..!
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